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"I just got my order or Fusion in the mail today. This is my first time trying bud smoke, so I was skeptical. I must say that I am impressed. It smells and tastes wonderful and the effect are amazing. I can't believe it's legal. You have a customer for life!"
Randy T.


"Awesome, on the money!"

"I have to say NITRO is definitely the best tasting blend I have had the pleasure of smoking. It's taste is delicious actually and after about 3-4 puffs out of my pipe it only gets richer and the taste is just...ahh lovely. A WONDERFUL BLEND I mean your not sacrificing anything here! it taste great! smells great! feels great. A lot of blends feel great but taste horrible, Not Nitro it has it all."

"Ok I've heard a lot about Total Impact on Internet so I tried it... As soon as I finished my bowl, It didn't take me long to realize this is my top blend. I don't know how this could be beat; this is one of the most powerful Blends I have ever tried!"

"I have only tried a few of your products so far, but I must tell you that they are absolutely fabulous! The quality is the best I have ever had. Your herbal are simply delicious! I have never had another as tasty and smooth as your products. Also, the fragrance when burning is fabulous! Thank you!"

"Ono Budz are the best herbal buds I've smoked. I loved it. To be honest I expected to be a bit stronger. However, I was not disappointed."

"I have to say that I am deeply impressed with my purchase from your site. The buds look and taste great! Very pronounced and bring a much more complex feeling than any one singular herb can bring. peace, relaxation, and happiness all the way! great job on these new products! peace."

"I continue to shop online with you guys because I am very pleased with your low prices, great selection, prices, quick delivery, availability of items, choice of items (exactly what I'm looking for and then some), Plus you have a website that I find very easy to use. Keep up the excellent work!"

"Please feel free to use this in your feedback section I Just got my first order and I'd just like to say that you guys are THE BOMB. The best herbal smoke site on the net. The products are all you said they would be. Aztec Gold Rocks." Thanks for the free grinder. Sincerely,"
Vladimir D.

"I actually prefer the herbal stuff to the real thing. It was awesome with my hookah tobacco. My buddies from the armed forces loved it. Keep up the good work!"

Greetings again.... Received my second order today... this time it's Ono buds. I am absolutely blown away by this stuff! Don't let the appearance and texture throw you off ... this stuff is top notch. Feel free to use this as a testimonial a new customer for life"

"My buddies all laughed at me at first, then they tried, now i gotta put up with moochers taking all my smokes with stupid smiles on their faces, shoulda kept it to myself."

"I am too surprised for words. Your customer service is beyond any I have ever dealt with. There are not enough great words that I can say to you or your company. I was a little worried about dealing with a company on the Internet, but yours is so great! The quality of product is better than expected and I appreciated the free papers you sent."
E. Chambers

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Lost for words! But let me say YEAAAAAAH!

"I received my order yesterday and was overwhelmingly pleased with the Ultra Chronic, and Herbal Thunder I tried. It was a pleasure dealing with you folks and I look forward to shopping at your site in the future. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work."

"My husband laughed when I told him that I was going to order herbal smoke from you guys. He's always said "herbal smoke doesn't work." He isn't laughing anymore! "
Trina M.

"I received my order today! thank it was all that you said it was!
C. Miller

I have always been impressed with your herbal smoke and herbal smoking blends. I mean it has to be the best herbal smoke I have ever had. Best of all it's 100% legal!

"Just wanted to let you know you have the best selection, and best prices I have ever seen on the net. Thanks so much."
Doug R.

"I've been smoking weed for about 12 years and recently found your website and placed an order. I really didn't expect much and well I tried, was amazing, I definitely VERY impressed."
Craig M.

"Hey - You guys should be proud to say you are a top seller of alternatives. You guys run a tight act, there is no BS involved and everything is very helpful from pictures, to explanations. Your accessories are top of the line and very cheap, and it's safe to say I will be a returning customer."
Matt, Chicago, IL

I am so glad that I've finally found a web site that offers only the finest in premium herbal smoking blends . Thank you guys for just being here."
Mandy N.

"Just received my Sampler and I am thrilled"
Richard L.

"Just got my Nitro when I got home, so I fired up a good bowl and it intensified a lot. One of the best blends I have ever smoked, and for the record, I am one of those hardheads when it comes to herbals. Oh yeah, it does look really nice, and tastes pretty good, not real harsh. It's nice to finally smoke a blend and get something from it!!"
Mark , NY

"I have received my Ultra Chronic and I must say it is triple the quality I expected. I believe it's authenticity will be very rarely questioned and I do think I will have a hard time convincing someone that it isn't ( edited). I couldn't be more pleased."

"A few weeks ago, I purchased some herbs from y'all and was very impressed with the swift shipping, quality, and freebies you threw in. Thanks and Kudos!"
Gregory M.

"You guys are #1 in the business."

"You Light Up My Life!!! Finally something to look forward to after a hard day at work and enjoy"
Lisa T.

........more to come

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